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Video- The Fridge

The Fridge

The Fridge: A performance art video about domesticity and feminism
All done by Zheng Bowen
A student currently study in Central Saint Martins, London

The domesticity of women seems has a long history from the beginning of patriarchy of humanity. 

Even nowadays, the responsibility and social requirement for married women reach a higher standard than before: Besides the domesticity, they have to take care of their job career. I wouldn't deny that this could be seen as a step of improvement for gender equality -- at least everyone has the opportunity to work and to earn money for their own life; and at least more and more women have the chance to go to school for their education.


HOWEVER, the reality is not as "equal" as the idea -- the unbalance distribution inside a family is not that 'equal', although most of women do go to work ( which could be called "producing the visible value for a family-- earnings, salaries.. ", because normally its hard for people to 'value' the domesticity produced by a housewife, which could be seen as an invisible sacrifice). There are still a large percent of family carrying a traditional view of spreading the responsibility, most of the male members inside the family still don't take domesticity as part of their duty, and at the same time, they have a higher expectation for female members to finish all of the 'missions' including taking care of their children, doing housework, as well as having a satisfactory of their career (self-esteem)...,etc.


Also, the saddest thing for a housewife is, most of her work could been ignored easily by her family members, some husbands can even ask "How could you feel tired? You spend the whole day at home!" or ''Your work is not important compare to mine, I earn money for the whole family and all of the things you have done is just to cook dinners and doing a bit cleaning.''


What I mentioned here is not like I think a woman who has work is more valuable than a housewife,people have rights to choose either go to work or stay at home. Nonetheless, the former need to fulfil more responsibility and the latter is easier to receive ignorance by her family. Moreover, It even doesn't have to related to gender -- male family member could choose to stay at home to do domestic housework while female members could go to work to earn money for the family.



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